Zappa – a poetic Stubstory

by slime.o

sitting in a general admission lineup
hamilton ontario, 11 o’clock in the morning
got up too early, terrible mistake
it was a hundred degees below zero
sittin there face-to-face
with a 75¢ doob of rancid homegrown about as big as my finger
and a bowl of horribly fore-shortened red leb
and i said to myself, this is the life

zappa-12-07-75fz, bozzio, estrada, brock, lewis about a month after the joe’s menage show; guitar orgy w/norma bell, jobson sat in on a few songs … 30-minute chunga, followed by zoot & filthy habits

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  1. Cool you got to see Zappa, I really enjoy New age music now and one of my fsvorite artist “Patrick O’Hearn” played ans was very influenced by Mr.Zappa. in fact o”Hearn still has the bozzios doing session work with him, i really enjoy seeing musicians grow.and I really aloways enjoyed Greg lake, with king crimson too. take care, J.T.

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