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Yes on the Revolving Stage at the Garden

For the Tormato Tour, it was Yes on the Revolving Stage at the Garden, so there was not a bad seat in the house that night. This tour was with the classic Yes members Anderson, Howe, Squire, White and Wakeman on the keyboards.

The list for the night included 19 songs and 1 encore, Starship Trooper to Roundabout. My friends and I drove in from NJ and parked at the Yes LogoPA Bus Garage on the roof, after walking back to the garage from the Garden, we couldn’t move the car for the next hour.

Traffic going out of the garage and into the tunnel was backed up to the roof. So out came the Frisbee and game on the roof. That was until Danny threw it off the roof to the street below, end of game. There also a recording of this night show floating around if anyone interested in hearing what Yes sounded like back then.

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