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Yanni – The best concert event yet in Seattle

We attended the best concert event yet in Seattle on August 4th. The variety of music played was perfect, Yanni’s Yanni-Seattle-Concert-Ticketinteractions with the audience was superb, as well as we could see how much fun he was having, & the musicians were also having a blast, & doing fun things that we have not seen them do before. Both Lauren & Lisa were perfect. The crowd, for the most part was much more animated this year, & towards the middle of Niki Nana, more people finally got up & danced (thank goodness).

I have to say that seeing the inside of the Paramount Theatre wowed us more than any other place we have been. It was just gorgeous. The only negative part, was the heat, & even Yanni mentioned how hot it was, but that didn’t stop us from dancing, clapping, jumping up & down, & having a very wonderful concert event.

paramount-theater-seattleLooking forward to more new music in Yanni’s future, after he finishes with the current tour schedule, as he just keeps getting better & better.

We also had a small, pre-concert gathering, & so nice to meet other fans, some who were attending the concert for the very first time.

The power of the music that night will live on in our memories “until the last moment”.


by Linda Aka Roadrunner For Yanni


  1. Thank you for sharing, Linda!
    Yanni concerts are just the best!
    And after the US and Canada tour ends, they´ll have a deserved break and then… South America! Chile, Argentina and Brazil!
    We are looking forward to live amazing moments together with fans and friends,

  2. Really nice and loved your review… You must have had a fabulous time and how could you not? Thanks for the review!!!

  3. Very Cool. i’m going to see him Sunday the houston. Been wanting to see him forever. Someone i wish would Tour is Patrick O”Hearn. have you ever heard of him? or david Arkenstone. thanks for your story. J.T.

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