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Yanni – Stubstories from Brazil to the US

by Alba from Brazil

They´re not only stubs. They are stories. Moments I’ve waited to live for years. Not one year. Not two or three. Fifteen years Yanni-Ticketto be exact. Yanni has been part of my life since 1995, the first time Ive listened to Santorini in my car.

From that moment on I just knew that it would last forever. Had never had a feeling like that for any other music. He took a long time to come to my country. But I did know that someday the magic would happen. And it did. It was in a spring night of September in 2010. First Yanni concert in Brazil!!
I could hardly believe I was there, front row, waiting for the concert to begin. Then, the lights went down. The excitement of the audience could be felt in the air.

Santorini was the first music. Just like the one I´ve heard for the first time 15 years back in my car. But this time was different. Yanni got on stage. Just before my eyes!! And the magic began, and the dream came Yanni-Photo-1true. And I knew it was real. Two more concerts in Brazil. God, it was better than I could imagine! 3 Yanni concerts in one week! The last one in Rio de Janeiro was a blast! Yanni would say, that Rio de Janeiro, was one of the unforgettable concerts in his life. And I was there too!
I had to live those moments again!! That dream could not have an end! And then in this year, I dared to dream again. I took the chance. USA. Dallas and San Antonio here I go!! Two more concerts. A year ago I could not even imagine I could be in one Yanni concert and then, five concerts in less than one year! Live is really unpredictable. We need to believe in our dreams. They do come true!!


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    1. Thank you!! This is just a small part of my emotion!! Each song has a story, a moment, a feeling…. But this would be good for a book!! 🙂

  1. As a long time listener of Yanni’s music, I can appreciate and undertand your genuine passion about his concerts. You haven’t seen Yanni until you’ve seen him live!

  2. I know it’s not as convenient but I always loved the larger stock that other countries use. Most US venues use the smaller stock that their provider offers. The larger format gives more space for that all important autograph.

  3. Yes Alba, Rio was really UN-FOR-GE-TA-BLE ! Septmber 24, 2010. After a work day I attended Yanni’s concert. I’ve already known his music since the 90’s but when I saw, heard and felt his music and presence live it was when I really fell in love with his art. Now I just can´t live without his wonderful and magic music.
    I pray he comes back soon to Brasil – as sooner as it’s possible – and I hope it wonn’t last long.
    Y- hugs from Rio !

    1. Yes, Ana Paula!! And this time we´ll be there together! A great team of YannInsideBrazil fans!!

  4. My dear friend Alba,

    You can really touch my heart. You know how to choose the right words, you can really show the feelings of the magic concert. The special moments we lived seeing Yanni performing, everything was AMAZING!!!!

    We are together, waiting for him to come back soon.


  5. Hello my sweet friend!!

    We do need to keep our promise to be at least in one (or two, or three… ) Yanni concert together everytime he´s on tour!!
    I´m sure next one won´t take too long!!

    Love you too!!


  6. Alba…lindo comentario! é verdade se acreditarmos nossos sonhos serão realidade. E parte desta estória também foi minha…afinal em 22 de setembro de 2010 eu também estava lá e meu sono se tornou realidade e foi exatamente como vc descreveu…emocionante, inesquecivel, na verdade as emoções que sentimos quando Yanni está diante de nos é indescritivel.

  7. Tânia, obrigada pelo lindo comentário. O que mais me alegra nesse trajeto até aqui é que também fiz grandes amigos por causa do Yanni e você está entre eles e o melhor de tudo é que no próximo show no Brasil estaremos todos juntos!!! Eis o sentido de Niki Nana!!

    Dear Tania, thank you so much for your beautiful comment. What makes me even happier in this path till here is that I´ve made some great friends because of Yanni and you´re one of them and the best of all is that in the next Yanni concert in Brazil we´ll be all together! That´s the meaning of Niki Nana!!

    Alba from Brazil

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