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Yanni on Tour – Dreams Do Come True

by Kristine Lujan

My Stubstory journey began on the day they aired “Yanni a Living Legacy” on PBS. Once reading about the yanni-ticket2upcoming Salt Lake City concert, I was determined not to let anything stop me from getting the best seats available.  The instant the number was on the screen I was on the phone securing my tickets to heaven. Hearing I was caller number one, I was overcome with excitement, to me this was winning the lottery. I was told I would be in row one. However, the anticipation of hearing and seeing were two different things. Waiting for the tickets to arrive felt like an eternity. Finally they arrived. And to my joy I was in row one. To make things even better the concert was going to be on my birthday. This was the beginning of a twenty year dream in waiting.

To fight the anxiousness of my upcoming concert I began to correspond with Yanni on Facebook. Almost daily I would write of my excitement. One day I asked if it would be possible to get a birthday kiss. Not thinking much of it or expecting a reply, I put the thought in back of my mind. A few weeks passed. I came into work, looked at my email and could not believe what I was reading. It said: We’ll give you a tip, if you yell “if dreams come true Yanni, could I have a kiss?” Just after Yanni finishes performing the song “Desire” in concert your dreams may just come true!” I read and reread, pinched myself, had others read it to me and I was in shock. As the concert neared I played “Desire” again and again. I wanted to make sure I knew the song. Even though I knew that I knew the song and that Ender sang the song, my biggest fear was I would not recognize “Desire” or I wouldn’t remember the phrase.

After months of waiting the night of the concert was here. Nerves had taken over. Not knowing if anyone else had read what was written, I was ready for battle. Yanni took the stage and the show began and halfway through there  it was: the song I was waiting for, “Desire”. My friend and I screamed so loud, she said are you ready? “HELL YES I’m ready” Waiting for the  applause to calm down, with the biggest knot I have ever felt, I yelled, “if dreams come true, Yanni can I have a kiss”? He didn’t hear me; I yelled it again even louder. This time he turned towards my direction and said “what was that? I repeated the magical phrase. He said that it was very cleaver and it was going Yannis-Big-Kissbmpto work. He jumped off his bench and came towards me. I was so nervous and trying not to burst into tears or faint I headed towards the tall stage. He had to get on the ground to grant me my wish. Needless to say I was in heaven and could not believe what just happened. I was asked if I could stay after the show and be interviewed, which I happily obliged. I was asked how I felt; sadly to say I was in such shock I had a hard time remembering. Nerves got the best of me. The paper gave a wonderful review and told of the kiss. I knew who they were talking about and was happy to be in the same review with Yanni. Still, the best surprise was yet to come.

A few days later I received a tweet talking about dreams coming true. Once I opened the site, it was ME! The moment was recorded, my dream did come true. I decided I had to go to the Vegas show. I didn’t care where I sat but I wanted to be there. We decided to attend the fan gathering at Al’s Oyster Bar before the show, I was excited to yannigroupbmpmeet fellow Yanni lovers and to hear their stories. Then before we knew it a flash of light came from the kitchen area and out came the man himself. Yanni decided to crash our fan gathering; bring on the ugly cry! There was no stopping the tears. We were all so overcome with emotions the night was magical. After he left, we got ready for the show. Needless to say the night ended with fantastic seats, the meeting of new friends, and the thrill of meeting Yanni’s musicians. I feel so blessed and will cherish both experiences; they will never be forgotten. I have been attending Yanni’s shows for the past twenty years, from nosebleed seats to the best seats but never thought my dream would come true once let alone twice.

Title: Yanni on Tour – Dreams Do Come True

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