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Yanni in Concert…A Dream Come True Event

by Cheryl Montgomery

I have been attending Yanni Concerts since his Live At The Acropolis Days…Every concert tour has beenyanni_sears-center like seeing one of his concerts for the first time…Even though he has repeated several “favorites” each time something new and innovative was added.

His most recent tour Yanni in Concert started for me in Puerto Rico in Nov 2010. The concert was fantastic, the selected orchestra and  set list was wonderful, but I admit the Puerto Rican Fans were awesome. I don’t think I had ever been in a Arena that felt like a huge family before. I have always traveled distances to see Yanni perform. Puerto Rico is definitely on my return list.

The next time I was able to see Yanni in Concert was at the Sears Centre in Chicago in April 2011…this time we were given an even bigger treat..Yanni performing Voyage from his new CD Truth of Touch. Just seeing it performed live was worth the the concert ticket and the trip. I ended this leg of the tour by going to the Las Vegas Concert in May…where I found out that “Dreams Really Do Come True”…Las Vegas has always been a fun time for Yanni Fans…The Fan Gatherings  usually include fans from all over the world. and getting to meet fans that we post with almost daily over Yanni’s internet sites.

This last one was made even more special by Yanni deciding to show-up and surprise his fans at a pre-concert gathering. It was incredible to me that he took the time to stop by and say Hello to his fans. Many whose dream it was, to meet this wonderful artist. I can’t wait to hear where Yanni is going to be performing next…I think he is as good as he has ever been and looking forward to his next concert anywhere!



  1. Great StubStory Cheryl! I’m looking forward to Yanni’s upcoming North American Tour and the fun that’s in store for us. :)))

  2. (((((Cheryl)))))!!!!! Loved your story! We all feel the same about Yanni´s concerts!

    Can´t wait for the next ones in April in WPB and Miami! For sure they’ll turn into another stubstory !!

  3. Sherry,
    Wonderful story and you will have many more to tell…Yanni lives on in our hearts and “live” on Tours~! Thanks for Posting this story !

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