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Yanni Concert Tour

by ShrlEgrl

After hearing that my favorite composer/musician would be touring, I lined up several trips in Yanni-Radio-City-Ticketorder to attend a few “Yanni In Concert” performances in Canada and the U.S.  Little did I know that I would actually end up meeting the man that I had admired so much. My first concert was at the Toronto Sony Centre and my best friend of 30 years accompanied me. It meant an 8 hour ride with plenty of time to talk, laugh, re-connect and escape our hectic lives. She was definitely the right person to kick off my 5 concert experience with.   That evening we met up with a few Yanni fans at a pre-show get together at the Sony Centre’s bar.  I’m not sure who first invented these get togethers, but kudos to them. The ability to connect with people who are as passionate about Yanni’s music as I am was an experience in itself.  We were all excited about the show which did not disappoint. I’ve loved Yanni’s music for the past 20 years so I was happy to see that the set list encompassed songs from his entire career including “Voyage” from his most recent album “Truth of Touch”.

During the show, Yanni spent some time lively interacting with his musicians and vocalists, connecting with the audience and spoke of inspiration and a world where there would be peace & dignity for all.  From Santorini to One Man’s Dream and everything in between, Yanni and his world class musicians and singers had the audience enthusiastically applauding and standing on their feet by the end.

At the second show in Toronto I was treated to a backstage tour before the concert.  The tour, lead by Yanni’s production mgr. and lovely PR person, gave me a greater appreciation for the amount of work required to put on these technically challenging shows and also allowed for some impromptu meetings with some of the talented musicians and people involved in the show’s production.  It was at this show that I also met both Yanni and Ric Wake.  Thanks to PR for taking a great photo of Yanni & me.  For the record, I’d like to say to Yanni, “Thank you for taking the time to exchange greetings and a few words with me. It was truly a pleasure.”   (And worth being interrogated by U.S. border patrol.)  Did I mention that I inadvertently grabbed my expired passport? Thankfully Canada’s border patrol failed to notice this on the way into the country, but the U.S. border patrol picked up on it and pulled us aside when we tried to re-enter the U.S. (Insert my mortified, grim face here) Not only were we subject to questioning but we also endured some good humored teasing about the reason for our visit to Canada. LOL…I’m sure my best friend will never let me “live this down”.

In Atlantic City, I attended another pre-show get together at The Borgata with some wonderful Yanni fans.  The New Jersey crowd was enthusiastic and welcoming and the crowd got a good laugh when Yanni commented on the undies that were tossed up on stage. (And just in case you’re wondering, no, they did not belong to me)

In New York City, Radio City Hall proved to be a fantastic venue to watch this concert.  There is something truly magical about this place.  Once again, Yanni and his musicians gave 100 percent plus effort in putting on an amazing show. After the show ended, Charlie Adams, the drummer for the show, came out to greet the fans & I got a great pic with him. I saw him do this after every show and the fans loved it!

Finally, in Orlando I attended one more pre-show party with Yanni fans including a couple of great moderators from the Yanni Message Board.  Many thanks to Yanni and YanniWake PR for donating some great gifts to a couple of lucky winners in our crowd.  We also had the pleasure of meeting Yanni’s manager that evening, who stopped by to say hello to all of us. I think he’s right on track bringing this show to the many fans around the world.

Orlando was probably the smallest of venues I attended, and also the most emotionally charged for me.  There were certain events leading up to and including this evening in which “the world wanted me to go left and I felt like going right.”  Not always easy to do, but sometimes you just have to do what feels right for you.  I knew it would be my last show for this tour and I simply wanted to savor every song played and enjoy the music that had delighted me for so long. It was a memorable night.  And so on April 20th, 2011, my Yanni concert trip line had reached its end point. Along the way I met some wonderful people, created great memories and I made my way back to my hotel that night knowing that I had witnessed something great.

In the past couple of years I’ve become acquainted with many Yanni fans and the Yanni team via social networks and I am grateful for their friendship, their comments and photographs of concert experiences and stories of inspiration that they have generously shared with me.  You have inspired me as well. I look forward to seeing Yanni and everyone else at the concerts in the future!

Title: Yanni Concert Tour


  1. Wow, Shirley!! Loved your story!! Full of details and emotions!! We do need to be together in next Yanni concert!!
    Thank you for sharing these amazing experiences with us!!

    Alba from Brazil

    1. Wow! Shirley! you are so lucky! I’m so jealous!

      I drove 3 and 1/2 hours in a thunderstorm from oklahoma to Texas. I almost turned back around but one of my youtube friends, lead vocalist Lisa Lavie was going to meet me after the concert so I kept on to the Yanni Concert last month in May in Grand Prarie Texas ( Dallas area) the same day of the concert!. I checked into the hotel, took an hour rest, showered got dressed etc. The hotel provided me with a car to get to the concert a little early but security wouldn’t let the car go to the front of the Verizon theater to drop me off. I had to walk up a HUGE hill in the humidy and heat and it was raining in a 3 piece pant suit so by the time I got inside, the lobby was hot and my hair style FELL LOL. I looked like someone had thrown a bucket of water over my head. It was raining while I was in line to get inside. I bought a yanni t shirt, cd, and DVD and by the time I was done I was sweating from the heat and humidity so I went to the woman’s bathroom and put like 3 paper towels over my face ( it reminded me the shroud of turin )My face was imprinted on the paper towels from the makeup coming off, LMAO

      So there I was, make up came off, hair fell, sweating like crazy,. went and stood in line for a bottle of ice water and realized the ticket ai had in my hand to the concert was missing! I was directed to the ticket window where the nice genteman after asking me questions and getting my ID reprinted my ticket. I got inside the theater finally!

      I had just bought a digital camera that very same day ( never used one before) so my pictures were not very good!

      After the concert I got to go backstage and was about a hundred yards from Yanni but he had his back to me. I heard he was coming my way so I wanted to take a pic but was told I couldn’t do that ( grr )

      I did get a tour of the Yanni tour bus and saw how the singers and band members traveled, that was awesome. Lisa Lavie is a wonderful talented singer as well as Lauren.

      It was worth all the trouble I went through to see Yanni Live in conert and at least meet an amazing vocalist who was sweet to show me around in the little time we had. It was an experience I will never forget!

      Danette ( aka xxdeexx) on twitter 🙂

  2. Alba, yes!!! An international gathering of Yanni fans…defintiely sounds like some wildly good fun!!!

  3. Good Morning , sounds like a tour de force w Yanni , and you had the time of your life …I have seen Yanni 4 times over the past maybe 12 -14 years .. 3 times at Radio City , once at Nassau Colliseum on Long Island . 2 Years ago in 09 , On my birthday may 2, I went to NYC after a College Lacrosse Game at my Alma Mata in NJ , and then drove into Radio City around 4 pm , The sign outside said sold out , I was bummed out , but I went inside anyway and I lucked out and got one of the last tix , single seat about 15 rows from stage on right side , great seat… than I went up to the Rainbow Room and had a few drinks and snacks and took in the beautiful NYC skyline for a couple hrs then walked back to Radio City….Voices was an amazing concert .. after the concert I went downstairs where the PBS after party and meet and greet was happening , I met Cloe and Ander as they were walking in , and Stephanie Mills was just inside the partition , I caught a glimse of Nathan as well … I had to go because in was 1130 and my parking lot closed at 12 and I would have been sans auto . So as I was walking out of the theatre , there was a film crew and they stopped me and taped and interview with me about the concert and Yanni . I dont know where that video went but it was a cool experience and an Amazing birthday ! this year , I did the same thing . the concert was on Masters weekend [ golf ] so I watched golf , threw on the dvr to tape the afternoon round . I got in my car at 4 pm , drove into NYC from L I and walked in and scored another great seat , on the left side about 13 rows up Isle seat … amazing ..I went to go up to the Rainbow room again , but unfortunatly it was closed for renovations . So I took a walk and I found a nice steak house around the corner and had a few at the bar and ordered baked clams , italian bread with some cheese and a salad ! …walked back in and Voila , musical nirvana ! What caught my attention about your story was that you said you saw Charlie after the concert in the middle isle . I was right there , watching him talk to some fans [ you ] and he is a cool guy for doing that and way cool anyway of course . But I took a bunch of pics of that scene with my cell phone , have to revisit them …I must have been standing right behind your group , maybe your in a pic ! I was going to ask him for a picture , but the doorman came down and started shuffling people out . right before I walked up the isle , Charlie gave me a look and I flashed him the PEACE sign , and he gave me one right back with a smile ! Couple old hippie dudes … A few days later I checked out some of his stuff online and he is my age and if i remember , he is like 5 days younger then me .. he is fantastic and I always enjoy his drummer talents and solos … Yanni is also my age about 4 months younger then I … so that s a little of my Yanni storys !! Yannis music has gotten me through some tough times and his amazing music has weaved its magic through my heart and my soul ….
    cool stuff ..all the best , Roger
    BTW my mothers name was Shirley .. Shirley Girl too !!

  4. Why did this make me teary eyed at the end of your Yanni concert journey? 🙂 I was not able to attend his concert when it came through town, so I’ve been living vicariously through those who went. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

  5. I loved reading all your comments here, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts & stories. Roger & Dee, sounds like you both had some interesting stubstory experiences! LOL Roger, that’s so funny you were there as well and may have actually snapped off a pic of me (I hope I was smiling ;D) btw, I love the Rainbow room too. The views are great from up there.
    Dee, omg, you poor thing! That’s why they invented huge handbags for women…we need to pack makeup, umbrellas & blowdryers around with us these days. I certainly admire your fortitude and ability to laugh at the situation. And best of all, you still made it to the concert and were able to meet Lisa!

  6. Loved your Yanni experience. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can go to one of his concerts soon.

    1. Perla, I hope you have the opportunity to see one of his performances. And with plans in the works for 140 concerts over the next year, something tells me this just might be the year you get to see him !!!

  7. Hi Seka, I hope that one day Yanni returns to China to perform and that your dream to meet him becomes reality. Keep up the great work on the Yanni China website!

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