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Worst Blind Date – Great Dinner Though

I’m not one to go on blind dates, usually it’s home for me, unless me and my friends head out to the city for a night of fun, but this was promised to be a night that wouldn’t be too weird – so I decided to go out with a total stranger and it turned out to be the Worst Blind Date (possibly ever).

I hopped on Metro North to meet up with – let’s call her Jane – for a few caipirinhas at a West Side Brazilian place I’d discovered one night after walking out on Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in the Odd Couple (which stunk).  Let’s just say here’s where the wheels started to come off the wagon.

Now, I’ve had my share of Brazilian rum before, which made one of us. So after 30 minutes of innane conversation, and 2 drinks apiece I was already wondering if this “31” year old was as bored of me as I was of her. Her face was in her phone “work related” about 90 percent of the time, which was no problem since her breath reminded me of my Yellow Lab’s.

At that point I called an audible and decided that we should order apps, went to the bathroom to have a friend make the “emergency call” to get me the heck out of there. Back at the bar we had a snack, and the call came. “What, the client didn’t get the file!”

“Listen, let me back up that drink for you, but I’ve gotta run, I told you how stressful my job was…” and in the words of George Thorogood – Out the Door I Went!

So I shot uptown a bit – to a great restuarant called Ouest – here’s an image from their website – it’s fuzzy which was an accurate depiction of how I remember it looking. Great food, great time (except when a girl with the same jacket as my date walked in – which was a little startling).

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