Winning big at St. B’s Wine Tasting

by Matt P.

So, what do you do if you don’t like wine, but are already committed to join your good friends atwine-tasting-bracelet a PTA fundraiser at their kids’ school (technically I love wine but get these crushing “hide in the car, away from all light and noise for an hour headaches”. So to all the distillers out there, please hold your calls and emails and DON’T send me too many free samples).

If this was the halcyon days of high school, no problem – just empty out a water bottle – fill it up with a clear liquor of my choice and I’d be set. But Nooooooooooo! As a role model, at a school whose name starts with Saint, we couldn’t consider that kind of blastphemy. So you can imagine my relief when the first table on the left as we entered was a very nice Micro Brewery with whom I’d become very friendly as the night went on.

As luck would have it, it was a really nice event, the “wine people” seemed happy, my friend (name withheld) did a capable job of visiting the tables (all of them) rating the vintages (seemingly all of them) and still passing himself off as a semi-verbal member of society throughout the evening.

I learned that much as in sports, one should never get too high or too low at a wine tasting. YES – the was Vodka, but unless you wanted Cookie Dough or Monkey Dropping flavors you’re out of luck. Classic Vodka – sorry. BUT – if you walk past a table and the bottle says MacCallan – stop and drink (excuse me – taste). That’s because MacCallan does not make Cookie Dough or Monkey Dropping flavored Scotch – bless them.

prizeAnd bless the good people of St. Benedict’s – some of whom I’m having the pleasure of getting to know (winning one of the raffles didn’t hurt either – though at that point I doubt I would have felt any pain either way).

Here’s to the next wine tasting, then.


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