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When Roger Clemens threw the bat

Game 2 of the Subway series will always remembered for the Clemens and Piazza

Clemens Throws Bat
'Roid Rage?

controversy with the famous bat throwing in the top of the 1st.

I remember sitting in the right field box seat with 1 Yankee and 2 Mets fans. The incident happened so fast, we saw the broken bat and the throw, but it didn’t seem like a big thing to us or the Mets fans at the time.

The Yankees when on to win game 2 with a score of 6 to 5. Clemens was the winning pitcher, giving up only 2 hits, striking out 9, no runs and one broken bat. Mike Hampton the losing pitcher started the game and gave up 8 hits, 4 runs and 1 home run to Scott Brosius in the 2nd. The Mets who were scoreless for 8 innings made a comeback in the top of the 9th that fell short. Nelson and Rivera closed out the game in the 9th but not before Nelson gave up 3 runs and Mo 2 runs. But the Yankees lead the series 2 to 0 going to Shea for game 3.

The one thing the bat throwing incident shows me was how much TV can affect your perspective of an event by replaying it over and over. Not saying Clemens was right or not a dumb ass but it was over and the game when on for the fans at the stadium.

you decide…..

Clemens Throws Bat at Piazza
'Roid Rage?

When Roger Clemens threw the bat

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  1. Hey thanks my friend, I was just thinking of that incident recently,and wondering about it. i ran into rocket roger at an arrowsmith concert,he wouldn’t even shake my 10 year old sons hand saying that was his pitching hand?? one wonders take care J.T.

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