Watching Canseco in 1994 – Pass the Juice please

by Kent Rogers

Looking back at this game, I wonder why I didn’t see more balls fly out of the ballpark. I was Cleveland-Indians-Texas-Ranback in Texas again (smarter this time by scheduling my meetings there for April instead of the middle of the summer) and as usual our night our started with some good natured fun at the game.

It was nice to get a Texas win, and they always treat me well down there. Here’s the thing that catches my attention about this game though – especially knowing what we now know. Among the players in the line-up that day…

Jose Canseco, Manny Ramirez, Pudge Rodriguez, Albert Belle (he’s a maybe). It hurts a little and in a way I feel like I was watching some World Wrestling event knowing what these guys were up to. Texas won and the only dinger was hit by Doug Strange a .230 hitter who as far as I can tell never got accused of more than a speeding ticket!

Funny how that works out sometimes.



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