Van Halen – Little Rock, Arkansas

by Sam Cooper

It was the peak of Van Halen’s electric, drunken, fast-paced, guitar-waling’, Van_Halen_1980_ticket_stubscream-infested career.  It was a run down, has-been arena in the south.  A hot August night.

My teenage friends and I had recently heard Van Halen on the radio and bought their first album.  We were in the 10th grade and aspiring to be rock gods ourselves one day.  This music did it for us!  Being a “general admission” venue we could sit (or stand) anywhere we wanted.

van_halenWe lined up early before the doors opened to commandeer a good spot.  I don’t remember who opened… but I can’t forget Van Halen.  Eddie ran up and down the stage sliding on his knees… David Lee Roth drank whiskey and flirted with every chic in the arena… the energy level was incredible!  The cost… 8 bucks!  Haven’t beat that deal since Aug. 2, 1980 folks!  “Look at all the people here tonight!” – David Lee Roth

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  1. That was the best concert I have ever attended. Eddie Van Halen smoked the guitar and his hands were a blur. I will never forget that as the wildest rockin’est show ever

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