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Usher 2010 Tour an early Christmas present

Usher 2010 Tour an early Christmas present

By Asia D.

The reason that this ticket stub is sentimental to me is because it was my very first concert. My parents surprised me with usher-tickettickets to an Usher and Trey Songz concert at MSG for an early Christmas present!

When I received the ticket it felt like the happiest moment of my entire life. The whole day I was anxiously awaiting the concert. I went to school, took the bus straight home and started getting ready for the concert. It was very chilly out that day. I took the train to the city with my older brother. The funny thing is, we saw other people who were also on their way to the concert.

We got to Grand Central and then took the subway to Times Square. Luckily, before the concert began we had dinner at Gyro 2. We made our way across the street to MSG to get our seats. Finally, the moment that I had been waiting for was coming! Opening up for Trey Songs and Usher was Miguel. He did a wonderful job. His dancing was impeccable!

After his performance, a countdown appeared on the screen, and I lost it completely. I never thought I screamed so loud in my entire life. Finally, the clock reached “0:00” and the crowd went wild. The feeling of being at a concert was so exhilarating. Trey Songz came out and sang some of my favorite songs like “Say Aah” where Fabulous came out surprisingly and “Jupiter Love”. The Finale consisted of Usher. By then my voice was pretty much shot. In the crowd you saw so many flashes, it was almost blinding. When the concert was over, I was so exhausted. We made our way out of MSG and I bought an Usher poster and a Trey Songz, Usher and Miguel T-shirt as a piece of memorabilia. We took a taxi back to Grand Central and went to the train. When I arrived home at 1:00 am, I went to sleep… sad at the fact that I had school the next morning.

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