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U.S. Tennis Open – Serena Williams vs. Dinara Safina

A friend of mine received tickets from his boss, so we took a half a day off work and USOpen 2008 SemiFinal Ticket Stubheaded to Queens. The tickets were from Lexus, who had a guest welcome tent; it was nice to see how the rich get treated.

The highlight of the day was watching Serena Williams defeat Dinara Safina in only an hour-and-a-half in straight sets 6-3, 6-2, not much of a match.



If you plan to go to the US Tennis Open match one very important thing to do is get a seat in the shade, it can be very hot in NYC on early September. We were soaking wet by the end of the match.

We found walking around and watching some of the other matches in the outer courts was more exciting.

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