US Soccer loses to Honduras

by John Santos

The ticket was from (you guessed it) the January match.  Unfortunately for US fans, the US lost 3-1.  US-Honduras-Ticket-Stub

It’s also notable as it was the first match I had ever attended in person in which the US lost.  It was even worse for my brother as it was only the second ever match he attended.  My cousin came too.

Though as I was telling them and others on the way out following the loss, “better to get the first one out of the way as soon as possible”.  The US lost, but as a full flegged member of the American Outlaws, we were able to salvage the night and have a good time.


About the American Outlaw Soccer Movement:

Our mission is to Unite and Strengthen the fans of the United States Mens’ National Team, through a group of dedicated supporters. We are loud, passionate, organized, and dedicated.

For more information on the American Outlaw Soccer Movement click here

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