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US Capitol – At least the building’s impressive

by Mickey M.

A family friend lived outside of Washington DC, to take a break I would drive down and spend a longUS-Capitol-Ticket-2 weekend away from NYC. So I was able to tour the Museums on the National Mall many times.

This was a time before 911 and you could just walk in and out of Museums and Monuments without a security check. On one visit I decided to walk to the east end of the Mall and tour the US Capitol. Joining the line of people I got my ticket and started the tour. The Senate and House were not in session, so we got the basic tour of the Rotunda, Old Senate, Statuary Hall and both the Senate and the House Chambers. It was impressive to tour and view our Capitol.

I can’t say the same for the people who sit in the Senate and House now but that’s a different subject.


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