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U.S. Open 2002

By Dave R.

This ticket holds a lot of memories for me. At the time, it was given to me by an ex-girlfriend with David-US-Open-TicketStubwhom I had very sporadic contact.  She knew I loved golf and offer me a few tickets. The night before the event I was in a bar with some buddies that were going to the Open with me and I remember saying “This girl was the only girl on the planet that was perfect for me…”  They both echoed the obvious response – “Go get her back”

The event itself was awesome. I remember shouting to Yesper Parnivak something about “getting me a nanny too.”  He was the one that set up Tiger with his Swedish nanny. It got a big rise out of the crowd and Yesper even seemed to smile. But, we all know how that turned out.

We’ll, now I married to her and have a beautiful daughter. This ticket marks the time that set all that in motion for me and I keep it in plain site in my office to constantly remind me how lucky I am.

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