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Two days of baseball – A great way to cut out of work

By Mickey M

A friend and I have not seen a baseball game inside a dome so we decided to travel to Toronto and catch a game in the Skydome. We drove up very early on Thursday morning, making a stop at the Niagara Falls before getting to Toronto.

Making it in plenty of time we took a walk around Toronto and caught the view from the top of the CN tower next to the stadium. When we got into the ball park and the roof was closed and remained so for the game. The first thing you will notice if you only seen games in an open stadium, there no wind, just air condition ducts blowing air across crowd.

The game was not one to remember, Yanks lost 3 to 1. The strange thing was that when a batter was at the plate the ushers wouldn’t permit you back to your seat, is this Tennis match, no it’s Baseball, give me a break.

Then very early Friday morning we got back in my car and headed to the Bronx to see the Yankees lose again against the Tigers 9 to 6. Two days of baseball is a great way to cut out of work and enjoy life. Ever though they didn’t win these two games the Yankees when on to win the World Series in 2000.


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