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Turning off the Lights at the House that Ruth Built

by Donald M
It was a long grand history coming to an end on the evening of September 21, 2008 in the Bronx with the final game and the finial win of 7 to 3 over Baltimore.

Pettitte got his  14th win and Mo the save, 39th of the year, and the last ones in the old stadium. The games, the plays, the wins and losses, the championships didn’t end with that last out at 1st base. They live on in the memories in me and everyone else who saw a game at this royal old monument to baseball.

The night had the air of something different, people were taking souvenirs from the numbers plates off their seats to paint off the walls, why a paint chip I don’t know. There are three new ball fields being built on the old stadium site, may the kids who play on them remember and dream of the days of past and future. One day when we’re sitting in the new stadium maybe there will be a rookie coming to the plate for his first time who started his love of baseball on those new ball fields.

The House that Ruth Built is physically gone but not for me.

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