Trujillo scores and the Black Army heads to SF

by John Santos


4:05am.  While most people are still asleep at that time of day, I was up and as chivasusa-ticket-stubready as I would ever be to get the day going.  After taking care of the early morning essentials, the journey was set to begin.  While I had made the journey to the barren north to support the Goats in the past,  it had never been in a van full of fellow supporters.  College students, UPS workers, security guards, a part time theater usher.  It didn’t matter what our differences were.  All that mattered was that we were willing to make the journey to support our team.  Say what you want about them, but they are our team.

Having picked up the rest of the gang at famed Union Station, the trip was officially underway.  As the sun began to shine on the state of California, the Black Army (one of Chivas USA’s supporter groups) had made its way through the grapevine and cruised through the San Joaquin Valley.  But would the sun shine down on the Goats in the afternoon?

“3-0” said a member of the Black Army.

“2-1” shouted another.

“5-0 for the win” exclaimed a very enthusiastic supporter.

Certainly the supporters were in high spirits.

Arriving behind schedule, it was a mad dash to the gates to ensure all the essentials (i.e. banners, flags, and drums) were set up for the match.   As the minutes counted down to kickoff, the cozy confines of Buck Shaw Stadium turned into a sea of black and blue.  However pockets of support for the Goats spread out about the stadium from one end to the other.  None was more evident than small corner known as Section A.  There the Black Army and the Union Ultras (another Chivas USA supporters group) had a bit of a sparing contest as each group sung and chanted from their respective repertoire.  Despite San Jose going up on the scoreboard first courtesy of a Chris Wondolowski header, Goats supporters continued drumming and singing away.  The confetti still flew and the chants echoed throughout the grounds.  With the clock inching closer to halftime, new life was injected into the match as it was tied up.  In Section A, it didn’t matter which Chivas USA player had scored.  All that mattered was that the ball had gone past the San Jose Goalkeeper.

Mariano_TrujilloGoing into halftime, sense of relief, urgency, and hope swept through the area.  Not all was as it should have been.  But the ensuing result was something that re-energized the supporters.  Everyone was brought on to the same page, and the support was better than before.  No longer were different sets of songs and chants going back and forth, it was one unified voice willing the Goats on to victory.  A victory that came late in the contest, and saw an explosion of jubilation from everyone following Mariano Trujillo’s goal.  As the match wound down, one thing was certain; the Goats were on their way to their first win of the season.  It didn’t matter to the supporters that the home team would get a shot off, or move dangerously into the box.  The win was as good as theirs.

For those nearly 100 supporters who made the journey north, it was definitely a day to remember.  As the match ended, and the players came over to thanks the fans, the fans themselves were congratulating each other for a job well done.  Not only was there a mess to clean up, there was also a victory to celebrate.  The Black Army decided to head north as the celebration headed to the Streets of San Francisco.

Title: Trujillo scores and the Black Army heads to SF

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