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Trans-Siberian Orchestra (they did the beer commercial!)

When I was asked if I wanted to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra (they did the beer commercial!), I thought it was a joke.

Once it was explained to me that these were the people responsible for the awesome beer commercial that is played every Christmas, I was onboard. The crazy eclectic mixture of what happened just confused and exhilarated me at the same time. There was a full orchestra and a narrator that looked and sounded like James Earl Jones. Then come the guys running around looking and playing guitar licks like they just time warped in from the 80’s hair metal scene.

Then you add to that the head-banging violinist in spandex who was spinning her hair like she was going to attack someone like that lady from the Street Fighter video game. On top of that you get a light show similar to a fist-pumping nightclub and pyrotechnics that would make Gene Simmons smile. It is definitely worth seeing at least once.

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