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Tradition with Dad Re-Kindled

I have been a Miami Dolphin Fan since I was 8.  That was 1979.  My fanaticism increased exponentially every year.  When I was 14 years old my dad surprised me at dinner at a Greek restaurant with tickets to a Miami Dolphin – Jets game.  I live in NY by the way.

So we went to the game and the Dolphins lost.  It was depressing but the start of great memories of family and friends.  For the next few years my dad and older brothers took me to games.

In 94 just before my 23rd birthday I met a friend’s cousin.  She lived in Florida and was in NY visiting my friends.  I had just graduated college and had time to show her around town.  We hit it off.  I went to visit her in Florida and we went to a pre-season game together.  Over the next couple of years we went to many games together.   One time we drove 5 hours from WVU (where she went to college) to Cincinnati without tickets and scalped.  Miami won and we drove 5 hours back.

We got married and continued to go to games vs the Jets and in any city we could “visit” friends for the weekend.

Then my father and I started a new tradition.  We decided to go to a game together every year.  For the next few years we went to a Jet or Giant game every year.  Kids came and grew.

Once the kids got older we missed a year because I was the soccer coach.  We missed another when we were on vacation and another.  I did manage to get to a game a season visiting family and friends,  but my dad and I weren’t able to get to a game together.

Then the schedule came out this year.  December 12th vs the Jets.  No soccer in the winter, no vacations planned, no special events to go to…. just the special event of spending the day with dad to go to a game.  Miami won when Wake sacked Sanchez.  The game was over and our tradition was rekindled.

That was Dolphin game 49.  Looking forward to 50 and beyond with my dad, wife, friends, and someday soon my two boys.


  1. I have known Mark almost 20 years now, I’m proud to admit. In all my years of being a true sports fan who lives and dies with his teams, I have never known someone with more passion for his team than Mark with his Dolphins. It is great that Mark has continued to be able to combine his two deepest passions- his family and his Dolphins, and I am glad to see that that will continue for many years to come.

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