Tom Petty at Alpine Valley

When I was a young private in the US Army, stationed at Ft. Sheridan, Illinois, I had the opportunity to tom-petty-ticketsee a few excellent concerts. One that stands out, was Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Alpine Valley. “Damn the Torpedoes” was still pretty fresh, and his unique style and sound could be heard on all of Chicago’s best rock stations.

We got a discount on the tickets because of the military status thing(sweet), so it was going good, before we even got to the show. This event required us to cross the border into Wisconsin, which was cool, because Wisconsin is a fun state.

The venue for this kick-ass group, was at a place called,”Alpine Valley”. It was heavily advertised as…”an acoustically perfect outdoor amphitheater”. I thought,”Yeah right. It’s outdoors. How perfect


can it possibly be?”.Well, when we got there, it was quite a sight. The stage was way down in the bottom of the……well…valley(DUH) Then it spread outward and  up a hill with a gradual slope. There were only seats in the very front of the stage. Everybody else except those people, stretched out on blankets and sleeping bags, on any chunk of sod they could find. Then when the music started, I found out that the advertisements were true. It sounded SO freakin’ great. The music kind of rolled up the slope, losing nothing along the path. What an awesome experience. I also saw Journey and Pat Benatar there, but those are stories for a different time.

by Mick D.

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