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Tickets to see the Nets – NOT PRICELESS

How much I spent to see 3 quarters of a piece of #$%^!!@  game.

1) Tolls – Henry Hudson Bridge 2.75 each way (5.50) George Washington Bridge (8.00) NJ Turnpike 1.25 each way (2.50) TOTAL $16.00

2) Parking TOTAL 15.00

3) Food – Beer and turkey sandwich 20.00 – Large soda and Cracker Jacks 7.00  TOTAL 27.00.

I got a free 10.00 ticket, sat in the upper seat and it cost me only $58.00, not costing in gas, to a see a terrible game.

We left at the end of the 3rd quarter when the Nets were down by 14 and no life in either team. The Nets lost to Pacers by 19, 105 to 86. They must have been thinking of their Super Bowl parties after the game and not the game they were playing.

To prove this point when was the last time you saw a team get an 8 second back court violation, well the Pacers perform that trick in the 3rd quarter. The “official” attendance was 13,167, right maybe 6,000. Good luck in Brooklyn in 2012 – 2013 season but it better not be this team.

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