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The Yanni Passion Continues……

By Linda aka Roadrunnerforyanni/Yannitude Director

Although I have been familiar with Yanni’s beautiful music well before his Live at the Acropolis concert, I have onlyLindas-Yanni-Concert-Stubs been to 3 live concerts…2005 in St. Paul, Minnesota, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, & the most recent & last one so far, Seattle, Washington.  Each one was a unique & life changing experience.

My love for Yanni’s music is & always has been a very important aspect in my life since my first experience at his concert, but his philosophies that I have listened to at his concerts, as well as reading in his book, “Yanni in Words” improved my life more than I Yanni-In-Wordscan describe in words.  It is what I hope one day, I will be able to thank him for in person.  My dream will remain alive until that happens.

The most recent concert, for me was one of the best, as I simply loved the more intimate setting, his interaction with the audience, as well as the feeling like being in his living room.  Seeing & hearing Yanni speak, seemingly so very happy, upbeat & relaxed made my heart soar.  It was simply a “pure Yanni” concert for me.

I hope that I can attend more concerts in the future, & as long as I live, I will begin each morning with Yanni’s music.  It starts my “excellent” day, every day.


  1. Linda, I agree with you about the overall upbeat atmosphere at the concerts and a Yanni who performed in a happy & relaxed manner. It most definitely was contageous and you could feel it in the audience’s response to the performance!

  2. Dear Linda,

    Thank you for sharing your feelings and emotions with us about Yanni. I also begin each morning with his music and for sure it is the best way to start any day!

    His concerts are unique. Words can not really describe what we experience and for those who had never attended to one of his concerts I should say: Do not miss it and then share your experiences here too!

  3. Another long time fan here! I’ve been to see Yanni 5 times, cannot wait until I can see another show. I have all of his work on cd or mp3, even the hard to find movie soundtracks. Yanni’s music is uplifting and exciting, but also calming and soothing. When I have trouble or stress in my life, I always go to Yanni’s marvelous music to help me feel better!!

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