The Who – Roger, Pete, John – but no Keith

by Joseph Terrazas

I finally got a chance to see one of my favorite bands. To bad Keith Moon had died two years before.The-Who-Ticket He was really as his perception was, the center and heart of the band.

Kenny Jones from the Small Faces sat in for him, it was a very enjoyable show. Daltry slinging the microphone, constantly throwing it out like a Yo-Yo. They did all their great hits, on Baba O’Reilly – (Teenage Wasteland) had the repetitive synthesizers follow throughout the whole song, there were two pillars at the front of the stage and as Townsend hit the guitar the pillars top flashed with a blinding fireballs.

First starting out in the early 60’s they had a strong following but needed an edge to separate them from the competition, one night Townsend accidentally broke his guitar, angered by the snickers The-Who-Livefrom the audience he ended up pounding it to ashes, the next night he refused to tear up another guitar instead Moon ended up destroying his whole drum set. The band found a gimmick to make for themselves “Instrument destruction”. One time touring the States, Keith moon rented out the whole 8th floor of a Holiday Inn, paid 4 cab drivers to block the street below and started heaving furniture out the windows, he once drove a Cadillac into a swimming pool.

It was really enjoyable seeing the Who, but I really missed Keith Moon who was a real driving force in the band. “The Who Live At Leeds” was the greatest live album ever and the Who at Woodstock was an incredible performance.

They had such an influence in music.

Thank You. Joseph Terrazas


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