The White Stripes – and husbands & wives

My husband and I realized that we didn’t like ALL the same bands at this 2007 White Stripes show. He copped quite a ‘tude the whole time and next time (which I hope there will be) I go alone.

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  1. Jack White and “The White Stripes” did you ever know of that 2009 video ‘It Might get loud”? a documentary film . It explores the careers and styles of Jimmy Page, The Edge, and Jack White.,the U.S. by Sony Pictures Classics.boy anybody that jimmy Page would take interest in, in playing and sharing music experiences with, i have alot of respect for jack White. it was a great ends with Jimmy page sitting on a chair in his backyard playing the Mandolin “The Battle Of Evermore” then he quietly gets up and fades away.”A Satisfied, Accomplishged Old Man” it was fantastic.

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