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At the top of my Bucket List

Honey, let me tell you a story about a ticket stub…………………

At the top of my Bucket List was to attend a Cleveland Brown Game in Cleveland.  Well honey, I have crossed that one off, as I have done it!

I am the third generation Cleveland Brown Fan in my family.  I was born in NY and I now live in SC.  I am a true southern woman now as I have lived here for thirty-eight years.  In case you don’t know, southern women can drink with the best of them, cuss with the best of them, love football with the best of them and do all of the aforementioned with class.

My grandfather, his brothers, my father, and his brothers did not like the NY NFL Teams.  Hence the love of the Browns began.

My parents have been married for fifty years, I have one sister and two brothers and I can tell you that through-out relationships and marriages, it is a pre-requisite that if you are not a Browns Fan, you will become one if you choose to be a family member of ours!

NFL Football is very dangerous at any of our homes……… may be moved, glassware may be moved, and anything of value must be moved as we get a little crazy!  We have been known to throw Cleveland Brown Chairs off of balconies after a loss; this is one example of our serious devotion to the Browns! God, we do love them!!!

I arrived in Cleveland with my co-workers on November 6, 2010.  We checked in the hotel and had cocktails in the lounge.  Of course everyone was talking about the game and we met several people.  Some of them were Cleveland Fans and some of them were Patriot Fans.  Well, let me just tell you, one of my co-workers invited two of the people that we met there to visit us in our suite during the game.  I immediately advised them that they were not welcome, as they were Patriot Fans!  One of them replied, “Well, we were just invited”.  I kindly responded, “well, I am the big _ _ _ _ in this crowd and you are not welcome!  They actually did stop in and they asked to see the big _ _ _ _, everyone laughed at that one!!!

The morning of the game arrived and yes, I attended the Cleveland Brown / New England Patriot Game in Cleveland on November 7, 2010!  What a game it was!  I was in Suite 455 along with several clients from Cleveland.  I warned them that I was a maniac Browns Fan and that they would have to forgive me for anything that I may say or do during the game!  They all laughed!  Well, I believe that I was the entertainment that day!  I couldn’t have picked a better game to see, as the Browns “Rocked’!  If my cell phone wasn’t ringing, I was making calls to all of my family members from the game.  All of them were thrilled that I was able to experience the game in Cleveland albeit very jealous!

What a fabulous life to have experienced one of the items on my Bucket List!

I love those Cleveland Browns and I am in hopes that my first game will certainly not be my last!

With kindest regards, I remain,


Karen Miller Mellette

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