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The Stones 1975- “probably be their last tour”

The day after our 1975 HS graduation, we all piled in my old VW bug and headed to Cleveland to see the Stones. After all.. “this will probably be their last tour”.

We camped the night before in front of the gates and were entertained by the Hells Angels. When the doors opened, a river of people rushed in and literally lifted me off my feet. All I could do to stay upright (and to keep from being trampled) was to basically pogo-hop my way with the flow of people. My friend Jeff sums it up.. OMG!!!!

Climax Blues Band, James Gang, Tower of Power, J Geils, Rolling Stones with the first appearance of Ron Wood ….. Sleeping overnight in front of the Cleveland Indians Stadium………Priceless


  1. I saw them on that same tour and I graduated in 75 as well. I almost got to see them twice on that tour.

    After seeing them in the Washington DC Metro area, we travelled to Jacksonville, FL to visit friends down there and got ticket to the Stones at the Orange Bowl.

    It was an all day festival-style with Rufus Featuring Chaka Kahn, The Atlanta Rhythm Section, and The J Geils Band.

    We sat in the stands in the direct Florida sun, which we Virginia boys were not used to, throughout the day. My friend and I wound up having heat strokes and were taken to the first aid station. I was fine after I got a damp cloth on my head and cooled down, but my friend went face first on the concrete when he passed out and had to go to the local hospital for stiches in his lip, so we had to leave before the Stones came on. I tried to talk him into staying for the show, but he was worried his lip would be deformed if he didn’t get the stiches, so I agreed to leave and accompany him to the hospital.

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