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The Planetarium – 3 Generations of Smiles

You only get so many chances to enjoy all that New York has to offer in the crisp fall weather. And it’s nice to know you only weigh 70lbs – (on Mars at least, so a trip to the Hayden Planetarium with Grandmother, Mom & Daughter was pretty much a no-brainer.

They’ve got poisonous gas from outer-space! watch out for that, and rocks everywhere. Rocks it seems are not the stuff dreams are made of for any of this group, but a giant TV globe in the amphitheater did do the trick for a little while.

The sun and stars show was a cool intro for the kid to the world of 180 degree
show. Truth is, the inside jokes between me and the wife about the Pink Floyd
midnite shows from the ’80’s were the real highlight. Now THOSE were special
effects (at least I think they were). But this show we had shaky seats –
feedback on which was “what’s with the shaky seats”. Perhaps a little more
imagination is in order. When asked for comment – the 5 year old questioned
replied ” my favorite part of the show was that you liked it”.  


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