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The Fat Man Rocks Merriwether – 1985

Even as they grew older (Jerry) and played with less of the energy they once brought to the stage – there was never any doubt that the Fat Man still rocked, and right from the start – Half-Step let us know this was gonna be a Jerry show.

Being so close to all those colleges, and smack dab in the middle of the pinnacle of the Yuppie era – you couldn’t help but notice the abundance of pink and green in the crowd, but a tie-dyed pink and green 19 year old Choate girl with pearls can still spin with the crowd anytime she wants, and they can look cute doing it (even if they go the  salon to get someone ELSE to shampoo their hair afterwards).

Merriwether, for those who’ve never had the pleasure, was a great spot to watch a show. As I recall, through a marginal haze, it was easy in – and no hurry home with my Georgetown pals as we rocked the night away.

We closed out the night “down by the riverside”, “shook the hand of PT Barnum and Charlie Chan” and notched another memory in a history of Dead shows.

And yes, it has been one hell of a long strange trip. Thanks boys.

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