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The Clash – Dr. Pepper Summer Concert Series

I made it to the Clash’s 3rd show at Pier 84 on Thursday, September 2, 1982 this was a part of the Dr. Pepper Summer Concert Series.

The two things I remember about this concert are the crowd booing Kurtis Blow off the stage and the thunderstorm that moved in from New Jersey. The Clash kept on playing when the rain started and the crowd when crazy. Soaking wet we rocked the night away Joe and the band.

The audience was mostly white kids who were not into Rap yet. I assume you would call Kurtis Blow old school now, but then he was still new. Kurtis Blow became the first Rapper to be signed by a major label in 1979. This was a concert that I can never forget.

The Clash Live in Concert

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  1. I was there too! Unforgettable. The sight of that dark storm rapidly crossing the Hudson, and the band just kept on playing, so we didn’t run. And they did three more encores! We were soaked and LIVING LARGE. Nothing like it. Nothing like it.

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