The Chieftains Live – Courtesy of PBS

by Mickey M

We were listening local PBS Radio station that was interviewing a group called the Chieftains-Ticket-StubChieftains and they had some free tickets to give away. So we called up and received two free tickets for their concert.

The Chieftains are an Irish folk band that was formed in 1962 by Paddy Maloney, from the ranks of the top folk musicians in Ireland. They perform the traditional Irish music and have collaborated with many musicians from country to rock and roll.


All we really knew about the Chieftains was what we heard on the radio interview and we had nothing better to do that Tuesday evening, so off we when. It was not an evening of music that I would normally listen to but it was a fun concert and who can say that there not something about an Irish folk music that you wouldn’t like to get up and dance an Irish Jig to it.


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