The Central Park Zoo

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By Charly P.

I went with Gram Cracker, by Gram Cracker I mean one of my Grandmas.central_park_zoo_ticket

I was going to Central Park, I place I’d never been. And then there was a Zoo Path. And we went thru, So… I saw a polar bear, I saw a peacock, I saw a really cool type of bird that my dad (i love my dad) had to google – it was part peacock – part bird – was it called a Crowned Canadian?

If you took a picture you got to print it out, but I didn’t have enough money, they did a Dora movie in 4D – but I’m took big for Dora now, and Dora’s too little for me.

Oh – there was a water park there.

The Zoo was lots of fun – F-U-N. And I’ve been to some Zoo’s lately and that one was the best one yet!


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