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The Big Apple Circus – First for my little girl

With memories of the 3 rings, and the elephants walking thru the Midtown Tunnel, and the Greatest Show on Earth in MY head, we took my little girl to HER first Big Apple Circus just before her 5th birthday.  First tip – if you can buy it – make sure it DOESN’T make a noise like a Chinese Ballet on broken speaker!

OK – popcorn before we hit the seats and the star of the circus is a little 5 foot nothing guy named Bello who can do it all and keep them laughing. As it turns out- my Buddy Jake M and his wife + 2 kids are sitting front row across the ring (yup) just one ring in this quaint and friendly little show. BUT, poor ole Jake is what you might call  more closer to a cue ball on top than he’d like, and let’s just say that Bello was able to work THAT into his act. Great sport that Jake.

So we wound up eating the cotton candy for act 2, got the flashlights and a few more items and we were off. Best acts…Horseback riders, and the dog shows.

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  1. Hey Bernardo,

    I just checked it on my iphone the old one and the site came up fine. Can you tell me what you “aren’t” seeing. I know that’s an od question but if you get to a desktop machine maybe you could compare?

    Also – how’d you hear about StubStory, since we’re still in the last of our beta stages?


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