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The Allman Brothers at the Beacon Theater, NYC

It must have been 15 years since the last time my wife (then girlfriend) and I had seen the Allman’s allman-brothers-ticketat the Beacon Theater, right on Broadway and 74th?, it’s an old time rock hall smack in the middle of the upper west side of Manhattan – where your cocktails and parking cost more than most people make in a day.

Last time, we were all younger – except Gregg maybe and the guitar licks where delivered by Dickie Betts (forgive me if I misspell).  THAT show was song after song of classic southern rock, this time the Bros. have morphed into a fusion jam band – Mountain Jam on steroids. It was cool and they have this throw back psychedelic show going on the “big” screen in the back….

Toss in Dr. John and a couple of other guests and you have the makings for a totally different experience than the one a decade and a half ago.

Except for the stuff that was the same..

Nosebleed tickets and an insatiable desire for floor seats would be first on my list. I don’t know if it started with sneaking up to the good seats at Shea with grandpa – but it’s  “easy and affordable”!  Our first time we pretty much took the first left – headed to 2 aisle seats in the 4th row – this time we needed to wait till the break. And while not the fourth row – we did make it to the orchestra and partied the second set away in style.

Add a couple of NY slices of pizza after the show and it was back to the reality.

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