the allman brothers 1971

by Bruce Remer

Allman Brothers Band
Marietta College Gym, Marietta, OH   October 16, 1971
Duane’s next to last show

This was one of the first times I shot concert photos. My girlfriend Joanna, my friend John C., and I went to allmans_marietta_collegevisit John’s girlfriend at Marietta College in Ohio. She had tickets to the Home Coming show.

This was a small gym, like a high school. Before the show we were hanging down front so I could get some photos as they came out. Then I noticed some guy with a briefcase that had concert stickers all over it.  He looked like he was part of the band talking to “stage” people. So when he took off and went down this small hallway from behind the stage. I followed him. There were other “roadies” hanging around but no one said anything to me. He turned the corner with me right behind him and there they were.

It was the locker room and the whole band was sitting there listening to the World Series. I just started shooting. At one point Greg said “hey man your not suppose to be snappin that thing back here”. I just kept shooting. It turned out that the guy with the briefcase was coming to get them for the show. When I took the photo of Duane taking out his guitar, he said “Lets do this thing”.

Man !!! very cool experience for a 19 year old Rock & Roller.

I was hooked shooting concert photos.


(Bruce is the founder of, a website offering a great history of rock-n-rock photography, facts and stuff mainly from the Washington DC area you probably want to take a look at)


the allman brothers 1971

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