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Take this stub and shove it!

I can only hope that this stub qualifies for presentation on Stubstory. I know it’s not music or sports, but it’s about as OTHER as it gets. Let’s just say that I’ve played rounds of golf (with a cart) for less than this parking stub cost me.

In fact having had 5 hours to think about it, here are some OTHER ways I might have spend my money (and I invite fellow travelers to contribute their suggestions as well!):

  • Flowers for my anniversary
  • Pretty Good Champagne
  • Actual Tickets for Actual Games
  • I could have sent the money to Sally Struthers and fed a village somewhere for like 20 years
  • Over 1,000 pieces of Bubble Gum

Please add to my misery by contributing to this list!
Let me just say that no matter how much the Manhattan real estate market may have tanked – when it costs you $51 to park for 5 hours it makes you wish you’d gotten in BELOW the ground floor! Take this stub and shove it!

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