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Take Me Out to the Old Ball Game

By Jessica B.

Now when I asked to be taken out to the ballgame, perhaps I should have been more red-sox-ticketspecific. I should have requested a game where it didn’t start to rain during the first inning. I was psyched to see Clay “Don’t I look like I should be going to a RatDog concert” Buchholz pitch.

Now, you’d think I’d be touch enough to watch a game during a steady drizzle, but it turns out I wasn’t. When the thunder clapped, I remembered I was at Fenway, not auditioning for an episode of Survivor, and ran inside.

Then came the 2+ hour rain delay. I would imagine, were I drunk enough and with enough friends, that this might be entertaining. It turns out I was pretty sober and


unamused. We went home to watch the Red Sox win on TV, 4-0. I miss not sticking around to watch my buddy Youk hit a RBI single, but the season is just beginning.





Take Me Out to the Old Ball Game

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