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Stubstory hits the Air – Oh Canada!

by Matt J. Peter

Pardon the indulgence but before I sock this little momento away – I thought it merited it’s cnn_passown Stubstory. Much like a graduation or other seminal event, this was truly one of the days that helped put Stubstory “on-the-map”.

When we were fortunate enough to have Canada AM reach out to us about making an appearance all seemed easy enough. Show up at the CNN Studio in New York, a short commute from our offices in Stamford and be there by 6:30 am for an interview. Easy. Then as Jimmy Buffett put it “That’s when I saw the bear” – except in this case the bear was an ice storm and my easy commute was beginning to look like trouble.

So, it was time for an audible. Onto Expedia I went, and booked a last minute hotel in NYC just up the block from the CNN building. While I might have to hustle to make the train and get to the hotel, I’d be at that studio on time in the AM. After all, how sympathetic would a


Canadian audience be to someone who couldn’t get somewhere because of a little snow?

So, you settle into your Manhattan hotel room, about the size of your car, head out to 10th ave. for a Burritto then back up to the room, where the TV’s on the blink…. “Can I have a 5:00 wake-up call please”? and off to sleep.

In the morning it’s down the block I go, my first barely intelligible words in TV are “Good Morning, coffee please” to a production assistant who was way too perky for that time of day. 2 cups and 45 minutes later I’m in a studio, lights blaring and Beverly Thomson host of the show is talking to me about ticket stubs and the significance in our lives.

An idea that started so small was no longer a secret.

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