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Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand Great American Photographers

by Gary Spilatro

Living in suburbs of NYC you have the great advantage of being able to go into the city and view an exhibit of the world’s MET-Buttongreatest artists. Such was the exhibit at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) of the work of 3 great American Photographers – Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand.

Also being a New Yorker, I waited until the last day to see exhibit so this was it for me. Stieglitz, the elder statesman of American Photography believed in photography as an art. Steichen and Strand we inspired and aided by Stieglitz in their work. Stieglitz gallery “291” was . The photos on exhibit  showed the evolution of the American photography from the soft images Book-Coverof Stieglitz, Steichen to harder more realize images of Strand.

Stieglitz met Georgia O’Keeffe, who he would later marry and photograph. His series of Georgia O’Keeffe photos are his best know by the general public. The Steichen work you are most likely to know would be the Photo of the Flatiron Building in NYC. Strand’s works are more abstract and geometric.

It was great to see all these photos together and walk thru the growth of American Photography. Just a last note, the MET doesn’t have paper tickets they hand out lapel entrance pin and the entrance fee is a suggestion pay what you feel is appropriate.




stieglitz steichen strand Great American Photographers

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