Stevie Ray Vaughn and Jeff Beck

by Michael Didur

Nov 2, 1989
Toronto, ON Canada

Jeff Healey opened up. Stevie Ray Vaughn came on next. Jeff Beck ended the Jeff-Beck-Stevie-Ray-Vaughashow. At one point they were playing all together on stage. I have this show on DVD. There are a few videos of this concert on YouTube. I went to this show with Tina.
This was the tour for Beck’s album Guitar Shop. Terry Bozzio was playing drums for Beck.



Michael Didur is a bassist and songwriter from Canada. He has released several CD’s and your all encouraged to visit his site at


  1. Was fun reading your story, i love Jeff beck, you know him and jimmy page grew up together.also i really enjoy terry bozzio, i follow a new age bassist named patrick O’Hearm. and he and bozzio used to play with the missing persons, and once in awhile helps out o’Hearn with a new age album, i really have enjoyed how they’ve grown musically from puck rock to producing their own new age music, o’hearn was heavily influenced by frank zappa.Boy i really love music, take care Joe t.

  2. Will you share a copy of the DVD for this concert? Would love this!

    I had floor tickets for this gig and I was right at the front of the stage (security next) so close to Stevie Ray’s Poncho!

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