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Stealing 1 Day from the summer that wasn’t

by Matt P.

In the summer the wasn’t – at least there was one day that WAS. You can’t get much better than dockers-braceletthis – a day that included summer sun, family, boats, lobsters – and all in October.

If you’re not from the Northeast – you may not be aware of our wet, wet WET summer. It’s been an insult basically – but this weekend was, well it was like a little apology from above. And we were lucky enough to be the guest of some fantastic family who has us out for the day/night/day.

There’s no stub for the time on the boat – or the painful time spent watching the Jets and Giants, but we did have the pleasure of dinner at Docker’s – a bar and restaurant with the “Most Beautiful Sunsets & Water Views in the Hamptons”.

dockers-logoIt was their last night of the season , and this little blue bracelet was all you needed to eat yourself silly, buy the staff rounds of shots and generally have the Labor Day you missed out on.

It didn’t hurt that we had an “in” with one of the staff, because without her – my daughter would have never made it to the front of the dance-floor (dare I say on stage for the briefest of moments!). For those of us who missed out on their real summer vacations for whatever reason – this was a real treat.

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