St. Leo’s Fair

This is the 2nd time I’ve been the 2nd person to write about a topic on Stubstory. I was also at the St. Leo’s Fair st-leo-fairlast week, and found 1 last ticket stub in my bag yesterday. I don’t think it’s the one from last year (when I also wrote a Stubstory) cause the colors are too bright. But that lone ticket got me thinking……

Not surprisingly, like hot dog buns the number of tickets they sell you is not divisible into the ticket per ride cost. Did I say that right? It means that every year if I collected  those extra tickets I could theoretically finish with no extras, but I somehow don’t think that would work out.

This is a fun fair every year, always a politico walking around pressing the flesh, and even though there are 220,000 people in Stamford, every year it seems like I know half of them. So that means 110,000 people have seen me drunk, them plus the 5,000 at the B-52’s show from last summer.

Next time I’m gonna write a story about a Stamford event first.

by Kelly R

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