St. Leo’s Fair- Stamford, CT

by Kelly R.

I’m gonna love this website! Last weekend we went to the biggest of all the local st-leo-fair-ticketfairs – the St. Leo’s Fair. It’s an annual tradition, which we all look forward to with a hint of apprehension -since it comes at the END of the summer.

Still the games and the rides are fun, and even in a town as large as Stamford, everyone, and I mean everyone shows up for at least a couple of days.

From year to year the bumper cars, the giant slide and whack-a-mole are always my favorites – and I have to admit that I only buy the candy apples for show now. I remember the expression “Your eyes are too big for your stomach” – now “My teeth are too soft for my eyes”!


Anyway – I’m hoping to go to the Palace Theater soon – so maybe I can write another Stubstory soon. I hope more people in Stamford and other places I’ve been also send in their stories – this is really neat.

Thanks for reading – Kelly

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