St. Leo’s Carnival, in Stamford, CT

This story is about the Carnival, the St. Leo’s Carnival, in Stamford, CT. There stleofair_wristbandswas bunch of different rides. My favorite ride was the Tornado – it went high and didn’t go that fast (well not high either).

There was ride called the scrambler, I kept smashing my dad on it. Every time it went around I kept hitting into him – sometimes I purposely did it (which was so fun) And there was a Fun House.

I was with Julianne and my dad, I did bumper cars and Lee (my friend from the bus) was also on it – so I sad I was gonna bump into her, so while I was in the bumper car she was smiling at me (you know an evil smile) so i said “oh no you don’t” and I smiled and drove away.

I won a prize on my first try – That’s right Charly Peter. I won a lamb (I named it Cuddles) by playing balloon darts. My friend went on Zero Gravity zero-gravity-ridewhich was so scary for me.

by Charly P

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