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Sports Illustrated Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century

By Melanie McEwen

It was Dec.’99 and Sports Illustrated was getting the Greatest Athletes from the 20th Century together. Awards and applause for everyone. I remember this stub mostly for the respect that went out for Muhammad Ali.

Lucky enough to be there as the guest of a family member, this was a real treat. I count The Garden as my all-time favorite arena – seen more, there, done more there. But this was a different night – a night where Jordan wasn’t playing lead, or 2nd fiddle not even close – if anyone that would have been Jim Brown.

And having never seen any of the old time greats at their greatest – watching Gretzky, who had just retired, and had given this life long Ranger fan a smile or 2, get his due was also pretty cool.

I’m sure some network put it on TV – wonder if anyone ever saw it? If you did, I’d love a copy!


Title: Sports Illustrated Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century

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