Shadowfax – Fast white horse AND new age band?

by Joseph Terrazas

Shadowfax was a New age? Electronica. group, best known for their albums Shadowfax and ShadowFax-ticket-stubFolksongs for a Nuclear Village.The took the name from Gandalf’s horse, from the J.R.R. Tolkein Classic ( The Lord of the Rings).

They formed in 1972 and disbanded when Lyricon Player and Leader Chuck Greenberg died of a heart attack. I first saw them on a P.B.S. special live at the Wolftrap, in the mid 80’s- and they played to a larger audience. I was dissapointed at the venue in Houston, there was a small turnout and they had to cancel their second show. I really enjoyed them for being a New Age band, the percussionist was all over the place hitting all kinds if chimes and my favorite song Brown Rice gently lead you on a path then ended with a Shadowfaxthunderous roar or all instruments.

My favorite album was “The Odd Get Even”, (Her Dress Hangs There is a really rocking song). I got to talk to the musicians and told them how much I enjoyed them and they autographed this group photo for me.

Thank you. Joseph Terrazas.

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