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Sabbath – 1983

by Michael Didur

Oct 27, 1983
Buffalo Memorial Auditorium
Buffalo, NY USA

We hitchhiked and some girls picked us up by the on ramp of the QEW and they drove Black-Sabbbath-TIcket-Stubus across the border and dropped us off in Niagara Falls NY. We were standing there trying to figure out how we would get the rest of the way to Buffalo when someone yelled out to us “Hey you better get on the bus. It’s leaving for the Black Sabbath concert right now.” So we got on.

Quiet Riot opened. For the encore song Ian Gillan and the rest of Sabbath played Smoke On The Water.

Michael Didur is a bassist and songwriter from Canada. He has released several CD’s and your all encouraged to visit his site at http://web.mac.com/didur/Michael_Didur

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