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Rye Playland with Cindy and Charly

by Charly P

Rye Playland is a very fun place. I went on lots of rides it was lots of fun.

I went with Cindy my babysitter and friend who drove there. I REALLY liked the Thunderbolt – I loved it. I knew I’dplayland_bracelet be big enough to ride it- so it would be ok.  And we went on the Whip-it, takes you around in a circle really fast, and you can bump into other cars and it was really fun (you should try it one day). There are 2 more things I want to say next.

There’s 2 water rides, 1 that goes super far up – then you go down and all you can see is water – then CRASH! I never want to go on that again, cause I got soaked thru to my skin. And the other water ride is behind it – that one is ok, but I still didn’t like it cause I got way wet .

I just have to get a little taller so I can go on the Dragon Coaster – I know my Dad doesn’t like roller coaster’s but he should try them again.

I won like like 5 prizes – I got a gumball machine too (my mom and dad think gumballs are bad for your teeth) playing games likes, a ducky in the pond – pick it up and look at the number on the bottom and the person there tells you which prizes you can get.

I loved Rye Playland it is So Much F-U-N.


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